The Band

All My Life is making their mark on modern rock music with their energetic style and onstage antics. The rock trio creates an exciting musical experience that has successfully captivated venues from basements, to bars, to amphitheaters! Forever redefining their sound, the band is never shy of experimentation and finding new ways to expand their methods of musical expression. Alex Lii carries on the tradition of laying down a solid bass groove while adding to the melodic sound and weight of the band. Brandon Pellatt keeps the groove solid and elevates the intensity to an infernal level with his dynamic playing. Kasey Kohring projects his bold voice to the crowd while hammering away at the electric guitar with both massive chords and fluid solos. Influences that have helped shape the sound of All My Life into the fiery rock band they are today include Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, Barenaked Ladies, Foo Fighters, Green Day.

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