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Stories of You EP

About All My Life

Making their mark on modern rock music, the band All My Life uses high energy, onstage antics, and memorable moments to create an exciting musical experience in venues of all sizes, from basements to bars to amphitheaters.


The trio released their debut single “Scream” in 2020, followed by the “Stories of You” EP in 2021. They are currently recording material for their debut album planned for release in late 2023. Forever refining their sound, All My Life enjoys experimenting with sounds and rhythms and finding new ways to expand their methods of musical expression.


All My Life is fronted by Kasey Kohring (Guitar/LeadVox), the crafter of stories and melodies which flow through the music. Alex Lii (Bass/Vox) creates melodic bass lines that bring life to the trio’s tunes, alongside drummer Brandon Pellatt who brings the intense fiery grooves which glue all these elements together in a sound that is unbound, uncompromising, and unforgettable!


Want to learn more about All My Life, their music, and their availability for gigs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Toronto, ON, Canada

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